NOW HIRING AT ATTIC...second try =)

Sep 1, 2006
SO..... lets try it again ( :lol:
We're Hiring once again here at Attic BP. Ive got to apologize for whats happened in the past but now we've got a new person in charge of processing Applications, Resumes and so on.

so Again, we're looking for knowledgable, experienced, sneaker/streetwear enthusiasts who want to work at Attic. 18+ years of age required, with reliable transportation and flexible schedule

**We are pretty Selective about who we decide to hire, so if you arent selected, please no hard feelings :smile:
its more than a job, we like to keep a sort of family environment here among our employees**

Even those who've applied in the past are highly encouraged to once again send in their resume or fill in an application to be considered.

if youve got any further questions, AIM me at cskbhs05 or PM me

to send in your resumes email them to or drop by the store with resume in hand and ask to speak to James.

Thanks and good luck :smile:

--[Attic] Luis
see you guys @ the shop!

Be sure to:
- wear HEAT
- wear HYPED brands


Do what i did, be your self...if your knowledgeable about the brands and shoes we carry as well as have experience in retail and know how the retail system works than you should be fine... but remember this: FIRST IMPRESSIONS TELL ALOT ABOUT A PERSON...

just some pointers from:
-Justin @ Attic :D
Email- ombizzle@hotmail.comNT REFS-orangeinCA,Jimbo95,H9U9S9H,newSNEAKERked,illdreezy,Shoekid310,Madhandleballah,
thanks for the emails... I will be personally responding to them so please be patient as I do my best to contact EVERYONE. Thanks and please keep on sending away
where is this store? i need a job and ive been in the game for 6+ years now.
"Im gonna be that seed that doesnt need much to succeed,
strapped with mad greed, and a heart that doesnt bleed"
word!! its across the street from knotts?
im always up there......i might swing through next time im up their
still accpeting applications... everyone has been contacted regarding their resume's sent in... im on top of it...
thanks for all the applications... the positions have been filled now but as always, we are looking for new seasonal crew possibly in the Fall 07 so please keep updated as we will post again if those times comes... thanks again
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