Now These Hollywood Morons Remade Clash of the Titans???????


Joined Apr 1, 2004
Yo I've never seen the original but based on those two trailers I'd much rather see the OG. Not that I won't see the new one but I feel like with Transformers, and LOTR, and Avatar that I've had enough of all these modern special effects. My senses can't handle anymore, lol. Plus there's something attractive about those jerky special effects used in the old trailer. Like I feel like these mythical beings shouldn't look as real as movie technology is able to make them. Because these fantastic characters and creatures are from another time and universe they shouldn't really live up to the expectations we've come to demand from them in the modern world. Idk that's just my little rant on art, lol. Give me OG King Kong over the new one any day.
Joined Apr 14, 2006
Saw he OG the other night, monster look like a plastic doll. lol.
with the new CGI and 3-D, i'm in.
Joined May 14, 2008
I'm actually a fan of mythology so I'm gonna make sure to see this one.
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