NT, am i going to die? vol. i ate food from a styrofoam box

Joined Apr 5, 2007
yea i know im an idiot, idk what i was thinking
went to wingstop earlier
had left overs
got hungry
put in the Styrofoam to go box in the oven along with food
box after food got heated up ...

i ate the food still

am i gunna R.I.P.?
Joined Dec 18, 2008
I don't know why you would even fathom the thought of eating food from a box that looks like that
Joined Dec 23, 2006
If you have a craving for non-food items, like styrofoam, you might have a medical condition called pica. Consult your doctor.

As for the possible harmful effects of eating styrofoam -- if you do, you'll be ingesting a substance called styrene.

Studies suggest that styrene mimics estrogen in the body and can therefore disrupt normal hormone functions, possibly contributing to thyroid problems, menstrual irregularities, and other hormone-related problems, as well as breast cancer and prostate cancer. The estrogenicity of styrene is thought to be comparable to that of Bisphenol A, another potent estrogen mimic from the world of plastics.

Long-term exposure to small quantities of styrene is also suspected of causing:

* low platelet counts or hemoglobin values;
* chromosomal and lymphatic abnormalities;
* neurotoxic effects due to accumulation of styrene in the tissues of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, resulting in fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, and other acute or chronic health problems associated with the nervous system.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer lists styrene as a possible human carcinogen, though this conclusion is primarily based on studies of workers in styrene-related chemical plants. The Vallombrosa Consensus Statement on Environmental Contaminants and Human Fertility Compromise includes styrene on its list of contaminants of possible concern, noting that even weak estrogen mimics can combine with other such chemicals to have negative effects even when the chemicals are individually present at levels that would have no impact.

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