NT Any Tips On A Good Video Game To Cop For 360

Joined Apr 7, 2008
Semester's finally over, but im stuck taking a 4week summer course to make up some extra credits. Which means 4 more weeks inIowa

Thinking of hitting the gym hard for a good month and a half while im out here, but i really want to cop a new gamefor 360.havent been on my video game tip in a minute. Any suggestions of a game worth cop'n to help kill time?
Joined Apr 1, 2009
if you dont have it already get GTA 4
i've been late to class because of hours on that game
Joined Apr 7, 2008
^^Yeah GTA 4 and Left 4 Dead Were the last games i've actually messed with for 360....after that it's just been Live 09 running cats for the Dub in thedorms
Joined Apr 1, 2009
yeah COD4 too.
and i've heard Fallout 3 was amazing. i still haven't tried.
Mass Effect is good for wasting time as well.


Joined Sep 25, 2008
Buy UFC Undisputed in a couple of weeks.

and then shoot me an inbox, so that I can crush you.
Joined Nov 21, 2006
Gears of war, Call of duty, I got assassins creed from ebay for 10 bucks shipped its good so far, the new one is coming in november I think, Practice Ufc demoso when the game comes out you dont suck lol
Joined Jun 26, 2005
- best game ive played in a long time, and well worth the money....

- only $20 brand new @ gamestop

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