NT Artist!! [T. HardÉ] Check OUT my Bro!! Show Love!!

Joined Sep 8, 2005
T. HardÉ !! My little brother is 17 and trying to do his thing in the Rap Game. Check him out & show him some love.

www.myspace.com/officialtharde [New Page]
www.myspace.com/thardymuisc [old page] <--this page got locked up & we cant upload any more songs

He wreck that Mims "Move If You Wanna"

Free Downloads

I know there is other NT rappers too, yall know how hard it can be to promote.
If anyone is willing to do colabs or anthing, just hit us up.
Joined Oct 9, 2007
This wasn't ANYWHERE near as bad as I thought it would be to be honest.

Sounds like he needs some more work, but I can hear the potential.

Sidenote: Dude tryin too hard to sound like Wayne tho... Tell your bro to relax a lil bit.
Joined Sep 8, 2005
Thanks fam.. yea he had to beast that song like that "swag" that most of these teens around here are looking for. We knew coming in this song, thathe would have to bring that energy & might sound like wayne a bit..

you should check out the "Lady Gaga Remix" he beast that track and if you just enjoy good music, check out "Bleeding In Love Remix" (oldtrack) its real pop & fun.
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