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Dec 17, 2007
How do you guys deal with the appetite? meaning what foods do you eat that are filling and regularly cheap to buy and/or dont take long to prepare? I dont havethe $$$ to be shelling out money for food everytime im hungry but im hungry ALL the damn time!!! Last night i ate a steak, 2 chicken breasts, and a corn on thecob and was hungry not even an hour later... +#+?

any advice help is appreciated!
i just drink alot of water, or when i feel that i overeat i work harder at the gym or run the treadmil

eating alot every once in a while isnt going to kill you, its when you consistently do it, then you have a problem
yeah man i know how you feel , my routine consists of fruit and a muscle milk when i wake up....on my way to work get subway it opens at 7am , lunch salmon orchicken, and snacks inbetween...This is only at my job and it costs a lot...just eat boiled eggs if you dont have the doh
Oatmeal! Slow burning carb. Keeps you full for long.

Try drinkin a lot of water when you ear, and throughout the day. Sometimes it can fulfill cravings.

Almonds/cashews/mixed nuts are all fairly healthy snacks.

Peanut butter on a spoon, or with an apple. - Energy boosting snack thats somewhat healthy.

Turkey lunchmeat. I snack on it at all times of day. Its pretty harmless if you dont eat 10 pieces at a time.

Protein Powerbar. These can be pricey, but 1/2 of one is a decent snack to hold u over until you have a meal.
One money advice I guess I could give is buy stuff in bulk!

like instead of buying flavored chicken breasts in boxes.. buy big bags of plain ones (that you can put sauces or w/e on after).
That's just one example, but I hope you get what I mean.
like the guy before me, you should buy it in bulks. I suggest going to Costco's and stock up on frozen chicken breast, some veggies so you can steam them.Eat them in small portions 5 times a day. Suck on a candy or chew on gum if you still get hungry.
at the title...This is dire !$$$ right here.
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