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Almost done with the subtle art of not giving a **** and i am really enjoying it. Besides the areas where he's trying to be funny, there are definitely some gems. I love the reference stories.

Next up is a book recommended by a nt'er called King warrior magician lover.
The worry trick and the autobiography of Malcolm x will follow.
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That "a hero born" looks dope just off the cover.. I love samurai ****..

How did you come across that book?
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Yeah with me slowly getting back into podcast, I might audio books in. Use Libby (app that allows you to download books and audio books from your library as long as you have a library card) and audible.
Good looks I wasn’t hip to this app. I’ve spent hundreds on audible within the last year. I definitely could save some money with this.

I’m currently/ listening to the ****oos calling.
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Trying out this one of these free audiobook thing:

The Game of Life and how to play it by Florence Scovel Shinn
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Just finished The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and now I'm reading Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChystral
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Finished the long take. Good little poetry narrative about a ww2 bet with ptsd living in la after the war, watching the highways and parking lots being built that displace a bunch of people and cast their lives aside. Well done from that aspect.

Starting The Water Cure next.
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I haven't read as much this year as I would have liked. But I read a few pages from The Duke's biography in honor of his born day. Life has been hectic this year man. Wish I had more time.
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Con someone recomend me some good sci fi/fantasy books? A series perhaps. I like stuff from George R.R Martin, Lev Grosman, James S.A Corey.
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