NT Browser Help. Does Your Font Enlarge When Refrshing NT .. FireFox User

Mar 27, 2006
Normally when i browse its ok but lately when i either refresh or even sometimes come back to the site .. the font enlarges ... annoying if you ask me

any help
Mine does the same thing, on here and on the JJB. It'll only last until I click a new post though.
well at least it not me .. but i uninstalled FireFox .. and lost my add-ons and bookmarks thinking it would fix it
it happened to me a couple times yesterday but i didnt think anything of it
i havent had any problems today
Yeah, that's been happening to me as well...

Off topic, but is it just me or is the navigation/posts button different?

Before: When you click the navigation button, your recent posts automatically show up.
Now: You have to click on the posts button in order todisplay your recent posts.

Edit - Pics aren't showing up for some reason...Yuku/FireFox problem....
Firefox been havin hella problems since its last update.

I dont use it anymore i moved on to Google Chrome but going on Niketalk using GC is horrible. i dont even know how to post pics anymore
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