NT Camera Geeks; help me pick a camera vol. 250 price range

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I'm thinking about taking photography next semester since i'm in need of a new camera anyway.
The requirements for the class is 8MP and manual exposure settings, i personally want a high optical zoom and size isnt an issue.
From this i've narrowed it to
Canon powershot SD780 is
Canon Powershot SX120 is

I feel like the Sx120 is the better camera but the SD780 has 720p recording, 12mp (compared to 10), blink detection and other gimmicks. It is also the cheaper camera so that is another plus. The size is also good, but i'm more interested in a ultra-zoom/Compact than a tiny pocketable point and shoot. I would also consider a DSLR but they are mostly out of my price range of 250.

Any actual owners with advice?
Does the SD780 have as much manual settings as the SX120? Along with the required exposure, im interested in manually changing aperture for depth of field, optical zoom, manual shutter speed and manual ISO.


this is slightly out of my price range but i would pick it up if reviews are

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 12.1MP Digital Camera with 18x POWER Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD
Outside reviews are decent, but one site bashed on the recording and color quality
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I'm getting the SD780 this weekend. Compact and easy. COmes with all the features that i wanted.
The powershot has better zoom, but kind of bulky.
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The SD780 is definitely a good camera, i was just wondering if the lens quality was sacrificed for the amazing size. For me quality > portability but portability is a plus.

Airkeung, When u get the camera can you tell me if there are manual settings?
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Originally Posted by staystrong

Nikon s70 coolpix u will be in the game with this camera I'm in love with mine
It really is a nice point-and-shoot, but i'm not sure about the 300 bucks since i don't personally need the OLED touch screen and aesthetics. No offense to you but it just isnt fitting my usage.
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Originally Posted by ThunderChunk69

get a canon off amazon
dude i posted two different canons and i plan on getting it from amazon after trying it out in a store.
Thanks for the help.
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Originally Posted by JoseBronx

there are 2 pretty big photography thread, FYI
SMH at myself, didnt even notice, posted and hope to get responses from there. It is a photography thread tho and not really about kits, hope they help
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