NT check out this dude from my school VOL. HURRICANE


Apr 10, 2007
This kid has been abused at my school for all 4 years. They call him the Hurricane and when he says the pledge of allegiance he sticks up his hand and saysblack power.
Judge him how you wish

Worst part is that he's a senior.
I started watching then after 30 sec. I said to myself. @%! am i watching.
What kinda high school you go to? This cat can hardly talk and he made it to senior year
I wonder if he beats his meat more than he beats games

Anyways..I stopped seeing the point of playing video games..Theres no point (unless its Madden or 2K9)
Id rather hang out with people than lock myself in a room with a Playstation

Dude needs to hit the treadmill
Keep picking on this dude and its gonna be Columbine all over again.
On the low tho I want to meet him so I can laugh at him in person
, safe to sayHNS with the DX shirt and all
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