NT DETECTIVES ! $3 Paypal First to Identify These Boots

Joined May 8, 2006
At the end of the day your going to be $3 richer cause no one gunna know what the %%*% those are
Joined Feb 9, 2008
those the boots john travolta wore from grease the movie

You Ol' John Travolta from Grease boot wearin +*!!$
Joined Feb 5, 2009

Ol' Chuck Mangione boots wearin @$% *!%%#
Ol' Doobie brothers boots rockin @$% *!%%#
You ol' Walker Texas Ranger's black sidekick boots rockin aaaaaa _
Joined Jan 26, 2003
Ol "Run Forest run!" boot wearin' %#$@
Ol Little House on the Prairie boot wearin' &^$%
Ol "Most likely what the dude in the American Gothic painting is wearing" boot wearin' &^#%
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