NT dog owners need your help!

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What's up NT, I'm doing a project for a statistics class and I've decided to see how people buy dogs and for how long they've had them, also the breed.
Now I know their are many ways to obtain a furry friend and to help the cause I would appreciate if you can reply with a short answer.
For example I have
3 dogs
2 poodle bought from breeder 8 months with them
1 Pomeranian mix gave as gift 12 years with him.

I will be obtaining data from many areas not only here, I will be going to the dog parks around my area and asking people as well.
I would like to post my results on Monday so I will be taking data up to then.
I appreciate all the help NT fam!
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1 Dog
Black Chihuahua bought him from a family friend.
I've had him for 10 years.
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1 dog.
Wheaten Terrier.
Bought from reputable breeder.
We've had her for 7 years (she's 7).
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2 dogs. Both Puggles.

Bought a Puggle from a breeder in Ohio in 2009

Adopted another puggle through a dog day care in 2011

both are 4 years old
Joined Dec 24, 2011
1 dog.
Yorkshire Terrier
Bought from some puppy shop in the neighborhood
Turned 6 in May :smokin
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Moms' house:
2 dogs.
Border Terrier 2 years old.
From a breeder.
French Bulldog.
9 months.
From some puppy shop

Gf's house (where I live):
3 dogs.
2 Yorkies
1 is 9 years old
From a family relative
1 is 3 years old
Also from family relative
1 Toy Fox Terrier
4 years old
From puppy shop.

Thierry Henry

formerly louislagerfeld
Joined Jun 29, 2012
1 dog
Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Got her for free from the lady that does my sister's hair
She's turning 6 months in a few days :D
Joined Oct 31, 2012
3 Dogs 

All bought from breeders

2 Jack Russel terriers 

The male is 11 while the female is 7

1 French Bulldog

He is 4 turning 5 I believe or 3 turning 4 

Can't remember the exact year, His birthday is this month
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1 Dog, Dachshund. He's two, but we've had him for 2 months. Adopted from a fair.

Shout-out to the other adopters and rescuers :pimp:.


formerly lazy feet
Joined Sep 20, 2006
2 Dogs

1 daschund chihuahua mix from my girl's cousin. had her since she was a puppy, she's 5 now.

1 chatahula mix from a guy on craigslist. had him since he was a puppy, he's about 7 months now.
Joined Apr 22, 2013
2 dogs, 1 pitbull recieved from a co worker 7 months with her and a dachshund 10 years with him recieved from a neighbor. Both of them were free
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