NT GIFmasters enter to make $

Joined Jul 7, 2011
I need someone who is nice with the gif editing to make a couple of large sized .gifs for me, 950 X 435 specifically.

I'll e-mail you the video files from segments of films and you just chop it up to that size, keeping the video quality as high as possible and the file size around 750kbs or lower.

" You can do that...you make $4 each... "

Joined Jul 7, 2011
Also, has anyone mastered the art of the cinemagraph yet?

I read a couple of tutorials and tried to a make a few myself but you have to be good with PS masking for them to come out right.

I'm a PS newbie.

If anyone can pull these off, I will pay significantly more.
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You gotta be kidding, $4? Who do you think we are, baggage handlers? The going rate on a gif is $5, you know that.
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