NT, have you ever cheated on a test before? If so, what method?

Joined Mar 4, 2009
I have a huge test tomorrow, and I am too damn tired to study and memorize all that crap...

So, have you guys ever cheated, and what are your methods?



Joined Aug 22, 2008
i just cheated on a test last week. I googled every question on the test.

edit: on my phone that is.
Joined Jul 12, 2007
I used to like writing answers on the inside of a label of bottled water.

Only works if you know the questions beforehand tho.
Joined Nov 18, 2007
I sit pretty far away from my teacher so I just put my notes or whatever underneath the test and just look at it.
Or I just ask someone I know sitting near me.
Joined Jan 1, 2009
I honestly cheated on 90% of my senior work in high school.
I know I'm f'ed when I go to college this fall.
dont sit by your friends if their dumb.
Joined Jul 26, 2006
Windows Mobile - Word Mobile - save study guide on phone - whip it out when no one looking
Joined May 2, 2008
Have i cheated? HA!

writing answers on the back of my ID
taping em to my fitted
puttin formulas and tutorials in my calculators for math, chem, and physics
sittin by someone smart
making fake water bottle labels and candy labels for social studies

i could go on... but dont cheat... it screws u over in college


Joined Apr 23, 2008
heres what you do (ipod touch/iphone has a big screen)

write a blog with said info
sit in back of class
google said blog
Joined Oct 17, 2008
First test of the semester, I'd figure out the smart chick and go to work. Be real friendly until she's cool on letting me cheat.
Joined Dec 10, 2006
-in middle school i had a uniform, a dress with pleats, i folded my notes into the pleats of my dress
-in high school i typed up my notes and made it as small as possible, printed it out and glued it to the back of my white out
-college, i took pics of my notes on my phone and used it, also used my itouch to access the internet and googled everything
Joined Nov 30, 2002
If you put 1/4 of the effort into studying, that you did this post....You'd have a fighting chance.

...but yeah I cheated before, the whole class was in on it. It was actually kinda ridiculous, cats were dropping papers, sneezing answers and all. Even themost astute of individuals had to get in on the action.
Joined Jan 14, 2005
for math tests, write formulas and example problems on the inside cover of your graphing calculator
Joined Mar 12, 2006
YungSwagga wrote: [hr][/hr] I honestly cheated on 90% of my senior work in high school.
I know I'm f'ed when I go to college this fall.
dont sit by your friends if their dumb.

Yes, you are.

Shame on you, OP for trying to scam your way to a grade you haven't earned. Our generation's sense of entitlement is disgusting.
Joined Jul 6, 2008
we used to sit behind each other. smart in the front, dumb in the back

guy in back whispers question number to smart $%! in front. guy in front scratches head w/ 1 finger for a, 2 fingers for b etc. my bio teacher eventuallycaught on though and moved us around. looking back it was pretty lame

worked in hs. i dono
Joined Jan 2, 2009
Originally Posted by bluexsneakerhead

my friends & i used cough to multiple choice answers... one cough for A, two for B, etc
Super old school method...... but once caused a commotion because the teachers kinda speculated that and said" Next person that coughs isgetting a Zero" and outrage ensued
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