NT help me pick a logo

Joined Dec 24, 2006
Ok guys I have a NBA basketball website called NBAtoday.  I'm not asking you guys to visit it, but I am working on a new logo for the site.  I'm down to these 4.  Which one do you guys like better and what would you change to the one you liked if you could change something?  I appreciate the help in advance.

my bad I hope this worked now..
Joined Nov 26, 2004
#2 is definitely my favorite

Ask for a version without the hoop as an alternate logo too, if that's the one you pick.
Joined Mar 28, 2004
#2  If you could change something about it, i'd add some red and blue instead of the orange and red colors.
Joined Feb 23, 2008
#1 or #2 is cool.  however, i would take the font from #1 and add it to #2.  that would be a definite winner. 
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