NT help me with an argument: what burns more calories, swimming or the eliptical?

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I know that swimming is more of a full body workout and less pressure on your joints, but I always thought overall, you would burn more calories from being on an eliptical. I've tried researching the calorie comparison, but haven't really found a good place of reliable sources.

Help me out, maybe I'm wrong here.
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I'll chime in as I swam competitively for 8+ years.


- Full body workout helped me build flexibility and really leaned me out

- A lot of fun when you get faster and build stamina/endurance

- Even better if you're swimming in a team/group


- Most pools use chlorine -- I smelled like funk funk all the time

- Swimming is essentially cardio -- I had abs and a V shaped body, but really lacked muscle --> I recommend lifting hard + swimming

- Workouts if you're a part of a team/group can go really long (average 1.5+ hours)
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Swimming is the answer. Intensity of the activity is the caveat.

My man slighted slighted just made up his own question.
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