NT, How hard is it to cut your own hair?

Apr 28, 2007
Lately i can't find a good place to get my hair cut. Also i think it would b nice to save some money. Normally i just get a 4 on top and a 1 on the side.So i am thinking of just getting some clippers and trying it myself (maybe a 3 or 2 all around). Any suggestions on beginners clippers or anything that mighthelp me out? I know it is prolly pretty hard though
it's easy dood.

i do 5 on top, 1 about half way up the sides then slowly go layer by layer 2 then 3.
It's pretty easy.

Just be prepared to mess up a few times.

I recommend a three way mirror too...

I can do fades and tapers to myself.
By three way do you mean the mirrors that turn out. I have one of those in my bathroom. What are some good clippers to start with?
Wahl sells sets for 20 to 30 bucks with a trimmer at Walmart's, Walgreens or Beauty supply stores

Only part that's hard is the edge up...you'll need a double sided mirror if you're trying to be accurate as possible
I think they mean like 3 seperate mirrors around your head

If I do it myself I just do the 1 all over, thats what I always got anyway
It's better to have a mirror set up that will allow you to see all around your head--if you have the kinds with the arms that swivel out, you're set.If not, you're going to be trying to do it with one hand on the mirror which is not easy at all (or doing it blindly, which is not a great idea).

I'd suggest doing the caesar (same length all over) rather than the fade/taper. Since your a beginner, you're likely to mess up and have the fadelooking really uneven. Perhaps try it out, but be prepared to have to cut it to the same shorter length all over in the end because the fade won't look assmooth as you're used to.
Like all things, it's basically something you have to practice. Unfortunately, you'll have to go through some (or a lot) of bad hair days, but in theend, it's worth learning.
i recently started doing my own and its not that hard. i think i do a decent job
Originally Posted by illmaticsoulchild

Like all things, it's basically something you have to practice. Unfortunately, you'll have to go through some (or a lot) of bad hair days, but in the end, it's worth learning.
I used to cut my own hair for awhile.

Used to cut it like every 3 days. Then I stopped taking care of the clippers and messed em up. Haven't cut my own hair in awhile tho.

But practice. Expect a few bad cuts, then after awhile, you will get it down and know exactly what to do. It's easy.
Yea i just found out that a good haircut is pretty pricey. Had to get it cut for a wedding this weekend so now is not a good time to start. I wear a lot ofhats anyways so i think i'm gonna buy some clippers and practice this summer. Thanks for all the help
It depends, I think people who are artistically inclined are much better at it. I have my wife cut the back and I can't do a shape up for my life. You haveto be real patient, if your just getting a ceaser (all the same length) see if someone can help you with the back and it will make life easier.
it's pretty easy, especially if you're just doing the same length all around.

think of it like mowing the lawn.. with the clipper attachments, you'll never cut it too short, just make sure there's no long patches left.
cutting an even all the way is super easy. fading takes some practice. Lining up is the challenging/tricky party.
isnt there a dude on here whos a barber? forget his name but i would ask him for some tips. i have been cutting my own hair for about 3 years now, have my popsline up the nape. i think its a good skill to learn, never have to spend money on a cut
Mine hasn't fully grown back enough yet, but I bought the Andis Improved Professional Master Clipper, the big heavy chrome one, and i already had 2 TOutliners. Theres some good tutorials on Youtube
2 things: make sure the guard is on really good, and ALWAYS double check. Guard had popped off, me not paying attention put the clippers right back to my head. (
) I don't even rock fitteds like that but my fitted game was tight for 2 weeks.
word I pay for a cut, cheap though, $10 every week but that's pricey as hell in the end!
after reading this im bout to go cop some clippers right now
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