NT How would YOU have played this?(chick thought i was Mike Posner)

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so im walking around Atlantic station with 2 of my dudes shopping(ATL heads know the type of females that hang out here)and i see this BAD female straight staring and pointing at me, i just shrug it off and keep it moving, go into H&M finish shopping there and when im leaving shes at the top floor waiting for me it looks like and we have eye contact the entire escalator ride she says to me

her: "hey mike i saw you perform last night at TNG i had alot of fun
me: confused i say "uhh i have no idea what your talking about"
her: "oh im really sorry i think i confused you with someone else"
me: haha its ok
then she walks off laughing with her 2 sons? and a her friend..

my dude ant said "yo she thought you were Mike Posner he performed there last night"

after i thought about it i prolly could have pulled her even after telling her i wasnt him OR played the "shes a groupie card??, but i was pretty confused and didnt know she thought i was him until my dude told me

what would YOU have done?

picture conparison
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learning experience i guess


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I ain't even know you were White...

Atlantic Station kinda fell off though... BTW, it ain't worth lying about it...its not like she wouldn't figure it out sooner or later.

If I were you, i'd be feeling confident as hell though...at least you know chicks think youre a decent looking chap


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Who is Mike Posner? I havent been paying attention to pop music lately

I'm debating going to Japan and pretending to be (Insert NBA player)


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Thought you was black too
So when I read the title I was like damn this is a dumb broad.

Yeah you took a semi-L cuz in those moments you got a pause and give the situation more thought no matter how confused you are at the moment. That gotta be the mischievous side in you to play off that though.

It coulda still went bad for you cuz if you went along with it and lets say she wanted to take a pic with you, she could later show her friends and somebody would've told her the truth.

I would've went along until I figured who she thought I was. Asked her what what song of mine she likes the best. Then try to smash as quickly as possible. Cuz the longer time we're apart the quicker she know I aint no damn Mike Posner.

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Like dude said, you should've paused. Word to

"Need a moment?"

Never front like you're someone or something you're not, but in that case you should've come back with something like "I've never been told that before..." and let her follow up and play it from there. More than likely, she would've been more than happy to tell you who he is and why you look like him. THEN, you could follow up with, "so I take it you find him attractive..."

And from there it's all on you.
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Originally Posted by AntonLaVey

I'm debating going to Japan and pretending to be (Insert NBA player)
I don't know about Japan but I know in places like Hong Kong they love black people there. Especially the younger crowd, cause most of them have never seen a black dude... if you're cool you will be treated like a king. And if you can speak a little Chinese they'll all love you
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Originally Posted by AntonLaVey

Who is Mike Posner? I havent been paying attention to pop music lately

I'm debating going to Japan and pretending to be (Insert NBA player)
you actually kind of look like zack randolph, judging from the last meme on you.
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