NT, I am 1 of 6 finalists to be.......Vol. Time to summon the powers of NT.

Joined Oct 15, 2001
...the next radio personality for my local, yet major, Hip-Hop and R&B station here in Indianapolis, HOT 96.3 FM. This station pretty much runs the urban music scene here so it's kinda a big deal. And, it's with Radio One...which is everywhere. There is also an IMC TV station...which I imagine I'll be on.

There has been a competition going where they have been doing street auditions for the next "radio star". I decided to send in a demo, which they loved. So...I'm a finalist. I think 3 girls and 3 guys. Luckily, I did an internship with them last year around this time so I have a huge advantage.

On Thursday, we will have an orientation/meeting...to meet the other personalities and also go over the format for Sunday, which will be an on air audition. I plan to go absolutely nuts on air. Only get one shot. Following that, I THINK it may go to online voting...and this is where NT comes in.

I know Rock Deep has a show...right? If there are any tips for anyone who has been on a radio station before, feel free to help. Thanks.
Joined Dec 6, 2007
You from IN?

I listen to that station.

Consider me voting, when it's time.
Joined Mar 29, 2009
Man I was hoping you'd say 96ROCK (96.5 FM in Cincinnati).
You have my support though. Good luck.
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