NT, I have a 7 pg essay to do VOL. What should i write?

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I have a 7 pg essay due next Friday and i haven't even started

so my question is what should i write about?

keep in mind that i need at least 7 pages.

here are the question:

1.The U.S is the only country in history to use atomic weapons on another nation.

The use of this weapon affected future generations of Japanese citizens. Was president Truman justified in using it?

Is it a moral issue?

2.Who assassinated John F. Kennedy? Was it a conspiracy? Detail the event surrounding the assassination.

Give your opinion as to whether you believe it was a conspiracy or lone gunman.

3.What were the philosophical differences between Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

What did each of these leaders believe was the right approach to equality for African Americans? Who was right?

4.What was Watergate? Describe in detail the events in this political crime. What was Nixon's role? How did it end?

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I think the Malcolm X vs MLK one would be easy to write, but I don't know about filling 7 pages quiclky.
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Yo i have a two page essay to write on lupe fiasco's "kick push"

i just wrote a 10 page on "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"----utopian society and morals and what not

but like others above said 2 and 4 are good topics but it depends on your teacher and what they consider good outside sources, because it is believed to be aconspirarcy there might be too much info on it from non credible sources....and do like the malcom X and mlk joint.... this probably isnt helpful but i wouldsay write about any of them, the hardest part is picking a topic but you have four good ones
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number 4 will be the easiest one i think. you could write like 5 pages on just how it happened before you write about how it ended and all that.
also you should make your periods size 20 font. you cant tell the difference but it will take a lot more room. so i just write a bunch of short sentences lol
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I think I can write 10 pages on #3 easily. Maybe because I read both biographies within the last 2 years for classes. It's easy to get info and plenty ofoutside sources that will comment on both their philsophies debating which one was best for the time period, the areas and crowds they preached to, ect.

elboricua 6

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You can easily do 7 pages on any of these .. not to mention that you aren't doing 7 pages as most likely they are double space ..

anyway - 2 you can think out the norm and talk and make your own assumptions or conspiracy as it doesn't have to be factual as the question state was it aconspiracy ..

4 is base on facts and you can find facts about Watergate every where .. easily 7 pages worth .. just don't blatantly plagiarize and make you sure you givecredits for long quotes or power quotes .. lol
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You can do 7 pages easily. I wish I had those topics for this paper I just handed in.

"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"

Read it last year and hated it probably because the entire WRT 205 course was revolved around utopian society.
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You shouldn't worry about filling up the pages the quickest. I've written pages in which they fell a page short of the minimum required but because ofthe content my grade wasn't hurt by it. Worry about how you write it not the limit.
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2 or 4

For JFK, you can talk about the CIA's possible involvement as well as Cuba's.
For Nixon, you can find a lot of details about the scandal; Google is just a search entry and click away, but make sure you give credit to the sources to use.

and easybib.com is useful.
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I would def do the JFK theory. There's so many conspiracy theories to it. Can't be wrong on that.
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I would write about MLK vs. Malcom X.

But all of them can easily be 7 pages. But the JFK paper would be more conspiracy and your opinion.
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if it were me i'd be writing about the JFK assassination.

it's a very controversial/intriguing. Lots of different opinions
on what happened, and who actually killed him.

I definitely think you could fill up 7 pages. The History Channel does
a lot on it too, so you could look into that
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