NT! I have mono (Mononucleosis).. Feelsbadman

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Girl hit me up saying she just found out she had mono and now i have it! 

What do i do ? Could this happen to anyone?

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Got it on 2007. Feltworsethanbadman. Had every want to eat, but no chance of doing so with the pain. Straight hot tea for like two weeks with the occasional small bite of food. First sore throat that has brought me close to tears. For you, death is imminent. RIP OP. Only good thing is that you can never get it again. I read that nearly all of us will get it in our lifetime, but the severity differs.
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stop kissing frogs.

lol but sorry to hear. drink some apple cider vinegar with hot tea and lemon and honey.


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Got any good video games to play? Books to read? Or DVDs to watch? From what I understand its one of those just gotta wait it out and rest. You'll be out of commission I believe 2 weeks. (Never had it, just studied it last week. lol.)
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I'm getting flashbacks as we speak. Had me scared to kiss girls for years. I was young too so I had to tell my mom I drank after someone.
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