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 Im on my cousins account btw.....

Anyways NT.. Im 19 years old and i just can't seem to make any friends....i literally havent had a friend since I was 17...
I just cant seem to make any friends...i mean i hang out with people at school but everytime something happens and we just
lose contact.. I dont have any good friends... How can I make more friends.. and i also find it very very hard to talk to girls
I just get really nervouse..what can I do to get the ladys to notice me and befriend them??? plz guys i really need help
I hate not having friends
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I don't know you, but you might want to stop lying. Maybe that's why you have no friends...
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man honestly, i've known a couple people who have felt the way you do now.. and one thing that i keep hearing really helps out in the grand scheme of things, is suicide.....
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at these responses

but i'll give some help since ive gotten a lot recently, about the friend situation, i find it a lot better to find that one or two true friend(s) that you can always count on no matter what, better then having a bunch of friends. Some people are different, others like knowing a ton of people, i personally just like being close to a few. As far as the girls go, you just have to go talk to them, you wont get over the nerves until you do it, but after you try once, you'll ask yourself why you havent done it all along cause is not hard, also you have to remember not every girl is gonna want to talk to you, and when thats the case, move to the next
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