Aug 21, 2006
Our communications/political science class did a video on false advertisement in the media.
If my video gets the most views we win a big chunk of extra credit which I could really use. All I ask is you guys view it, don't need to watch the wholething if you want. The audio isn't working due to lame copyright laws, but the message is the same. Thanks guys!

Yeah we tried to take commercials that are pretty obvious, we were gonna do a 3rd one for women, but ran out of time.
Lol she said dude was ugly...
dude uses axe comes back
Lol she said dude stank... *she exits stage
Originally Posted by SURE LOCK 510

the axe commercials are the worst

I watched. It was a good video. I see what you are trying to get at.

Many of these advertisements use disclaimers. I dont think the Jordan commercial was falsely advertising anything. That commercial was left to the viewersinterpretation. You should have picked something more blatantly opinionated, and force feeding. A lot of athletic products actually do help to enhance athleticperformance.

Nike and Wieden+Kennedy have done some of the best advertisements/marketing campaigns over the last 2 decades. You could have picked a more vulnerable and lesssuccessful target.

Good luck on ur project.
Yeah the sound is the funniest part too. I guess there is a digital inscription or something that prevents it from being played.
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