NT, I need your help Vol. Twitter Followers

Joined Apr 21, 2005
Alright NT.

This is the first time I've done something this sad.

My Step-Mom made a bet with me as to who will reach 50 followers first. She has 23, I have 8.

So NT, please help me beat her. She's got all her friends about to follow her. http://twitter.com/Velez26
Joined Apr 28, 2007
Hate to say it but i hope your thread doesn't backfire and NT'ers start following your step-mom. She will have 100+ followers

I'll help you out tho
Joined Apr 21, 2005
Originally Posted by CalvinJohnson

smh your lame
[color= rgb(0, 0, 0)]I hope you math teachers correct me[/color]
How am I a Lame? Cause I made a bet?

And the reason why I don't have any friends is cause I don't take it serious. Most my friends don't know about it.
Joined Jun 29, 2008
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