NT I present to you, my first pair of 2000 Retro XI's + "Nike Air" Retro + Restoration Project :hat

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VERY VERY HAPPY. i traded a DS pair of Varsity Red VI's for both pairs. they are in GREAT condition minus the yellowing.
i am beyond happy, just wanted to share, i plan to seaglow the hell out of them, to get them sparkly new. haha... theres almost no creasing on the space jams, and the leather on the V's OMGGG.

honestly now, i see why people complain about the quality of the retros, these space jams are so comfy, and the leather on the V's feels so softttt. anyways.. enjoy

p.s. if anyone can point me to the seaglow thread would be appreciated.... taking these as before pictures...

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Originally Posted by 23MichaelJordan45

Very nice! I want some of those Space Jams, my 09 retro's are still in my closet

@ Kansas weather
THESE > 09's

i say that from a comfort prospective. they are like walking on pillows. and these are a size 11, and fit me great (im a true 11.5) its like everything was just way better back then. i even compared the tongues, and the 2000's have a fatter tongue
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those soles have passed yellow and turning orange... but nonetheless
goodluck on the restoration 
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^^yeah its gonna be hard to get them sparkly new since they're such a dark shade of orange but its a great trade either way id do it


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Nice trade good luck with the restorations post some pics when your finished.
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You got a very good deal sea glow is gonna cost you bout 49 bucks total i believe if you get the 16 oz bottle
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i just ordered sea glow i have the same v's in very similar condition that i plan to work on thats and my fire red v's
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Cool I would be doin the same thing to my concords seaglow baby hope it works first time usin it keeps us post it
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Originally Posted by 23MichaelJordan45

Very nice! I want some of those Space Jams, my 09 retro's are still in my closet

@ Kansas weather
yes, yes, and yes. i dont even want to wear my white/red XIIs because of the snow
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you are going to get SUPER frustrated once your in the sea glowing process, trust me.
they dont look like they first did, it takes alot of sea glow and time to at least get the sole to look descent, and will literally start to yellow again substancially in like 3 or 4 days if you wear them.
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Nice pickup fam, and congrats on those SJ's. Keep us posted on how that restoration project goes.
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just put a lot of coats of seaglow on the soles of those spacejams and they good to go
just make sure u follow the instructions very carefully


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varsity red vi? as in the suede black/red vi that just dropped recently?

if i knew someone wanted to trade me those for their '00 v and xi...i could easily restore those
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