NT, I purchased a brand new house! Pics inside!

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not my ideal place (still sick nonetheless) but def inspiring to see someone whose only a year older then me making moves.
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That is NIIIIICCCEEEE OP. Chicks gonna come in and panties will fall on their own. Good, wise pickup.
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Originally Posted by 0renthalJames

OP being tight lipped about his methods of acquiring currency. hmm

-The Juice
lettuce be cereal... 30k by 16 is IMPOSSIBLE unless ur getting handouts...

OP/OP parents had money to begin with

im not mad tho... moreso jelly... yup very jelly
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You overpaid in this market. For someone who understands the stock market, I'm disappointed in your decision to have a builder build you a house.
O, and house doesn't count if OP parents fronted him money when he was young.
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^ you are the most saltiest person i've seen on this board ...wow...

anyway congrats chico, your advice on the stock thread was great and i KNEW YOU WERE CAKING hard when you disclosed your investments (although limited, but we all got the jist)
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Originally Posted by LiLcHiCo4LiFe

$385k with $70k in upgrades (included in the price) and $150k down. The house right across from mine went up for sale last week and asking $549k.

thats it? that just gets you an apt here in nyc...
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Congrats OP. That's an awesome accomplishment at 24. I'm trying to take steps to get to that point... baby steps.
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I notice alot of the floors in Florida are cement/tiles, as opposed to Hardwood, is there a reason for this? Nice crib btw
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