NT, I was on the Daily Show

Joined Nov 25, 2004
They did a little segment about how ASU won't give Obama an honorary degree. For part of it, they were interviewing people at a party. If anyone saw, I wasthe one chugging tequila and saying ASU is the Harvard of scholastics

I'll try and find a clip online
Joined Oct 9, 2008
Sounds like you're representing your school very well.

But for real, thats pretty cool you got on that show. Was it on tonight?
Joined Aug 27, 2004
Lol, that was you? Isn't Harvard the Harvard of scholastics?

That segment made ASU look rediculous. Golf management, haha. That's cool you were on it nonetheless.
Joined Oct 9, 2008
Tight. I'll check it out when it comes back on at 1. Unless you find the clip first.
Joined Jan 24, 2002
We need to have a catch phrase.

Something inconspicous that we could slide into any sentence that will make others know you are from NT but puzzle everyone else.
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