NT, I'm About To Get My First Tattoo

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I'm about to get my crew tattoo down my ribs. With those with tattoo experience, how much do rib tattoos hurt? I'm not too worried about pain, but should I take an Aleve just to be cool? 
Pic of the tattoo one of my other crew mates has (big pic):

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uh cool i guess do you B

but ribs can be painful atleast from what i hear depends on you pain tolerance
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Yea it hurts a good bit. Imagine a nail continuously scratching you're skin and thats about how it feels. Gets worst the higher it goes. It isn't unbearable tho. Good luck and post pics when you're done. Read the package of Aleve before you take it...if it says anything about thinning of blood don't take it, sometimes they will cause you to bleed more.
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a rib shot is the worst but for me it didnt hurt that bad as long as i could watch. I have a couple on my triceps and one on the backside of my forearm (above the elbow). You will be fine my man and i am about to start my half sleeves so they are addictive
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Got my first tat a few weeks ago. Took a couple hours, so of course me and ol' boy had plenty of time to talk. Obviously, I asked him where some of the most painful places are to get inked, and his first response was under the ribcage.

That immediately gave me a ton of respect for a female friend of mine who had just gotten the outlining done of an owl under her left breast and all the way down to her waistline. This past Thursday was the second session of coloring it in (final session overall). She said it hurt like HELL, but she never felt like she was gonna pass out or even cry or anything.

So if you interpret that as me saying it's one of the most painful places to get ink, but a female friend of mine got her whole left side done like a champ, then you've interpreted correctly.
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It might not be that bad since you have no other tattoos to compare it too. I don't really think an aleve is going to do anything anyway.
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Word, thanks NT. Yeah, I've heard ribs hurt so I'm a bit shook, but I think I'll be fine. Fade On You, good looks about the blood-thinning aspect, I think I'm gonna have to go into this without any painkillers =\

I'm leaving now, and I'll make sure to take some pics during and after, just took a before pic. I'll definitely post up once it's done. Thanks for all the advice fellas. NT always come through
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Yeah don't take anything that will thin your blood. And people take pain differently, so what is unbareable to one person could be just a slight annoyance to the other.

Good luck, and I hope you got better script than what you posted.
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depends on the needle that's being used, also, the part of the rib cage. thicker needles tend to be less painful, at least in my experience. watch out for the chest/nipple area, the pain there is damn near excruciating.
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i got one on my ribs and no lie it was painful not unbearable but painful some spots more than others but be sober before you go in my expierence sober is the best way to do it i have about 20 tats and sober has been the most painless way for me anyway
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forget thinking about the pain about the needle, think about the pain for that stupid idea of yours.

no im not  a hater, but i hate seeing people going the wrong path cause of a "crew"

get something meaningful for your first tattoo, then start getting other things,,

do you.
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I got my first tat on my ribs, it's really not that bad. You'll be fine. The after pain, there really isn't any.
Follow the directions the artist gives you, they are usually pretty simple.
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