NT is it possbile to dead one of your boys & still chill with the crew?

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NT is it possbile to dead when of your boys & still chill with the crew?
What in god's name does that even mean?  Seriously.  I cannot understand the question.
fixed didn't notice
Don't conform to dude
The rest of us know what it means

First they talk down on the slang and the next thing u know they're using it on ESPN and  in commercials for Old Spice SMH
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StaXX wrote:
[hr][/hr]If he's been talking reckless, I'm sure your crew will understand cutting him off?
yeah but, if they still invite him will OP feel offended?
will violence ensue?
will he have to tune in to find out?

as for OP... Catch dude with a quick one-two next time he says something slick. Your boys will either jump in or swing at YOU. Only one way to find out. 
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Tell him your not having it and to consider that his warning.

If he doesnt listen the next time he starts talkin reckless you Smack him.

Doesnt matter how just do it where it hurts enough he has to make a choice to either come at you and back away and know your serious.

After you smack him take a step back non chalantly and see whats good, he has 2 choices.
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"....crews fell apart lettin h_es get between em....."

if a N_ talkin reckless dont honor that isht, whoop em....If his actions have been so blatant then Im sure the rest of the crew wont mind and theyll understand why u did wat u did....
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This will not end well...in less other people in the group don't really like him as well.

If that's the case then all of you stop hitting him up whenever you chill. If it's not the case..fight him..winner stays.
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wait OP, how has this been going on?

@ your boy for being a punk over some @#%@@. he needs to get over it, ASAP. the whole group should confront him at once. you'll be doing him a favor in the long run.
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I thought this asked can you be dead but still chill with the crew
This is what I thought too, then it looked like "can you KILL one of your boys but still hang with the crew"

Question for OP though, does he only come around when the other guy is there? If so then tell the other guy to stop bringing him around. OR just plainly say (infront of the whole group), after he says something you find disrespectful, something along the lines of "If you keep speaking in such a manner towards me I will have to resort to fisty cuffs"
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Address the situation and just fight if ya'll need to. If you just ignore him, it'll be very awkward especially since ya'll are in the same clique.
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I would say yeah it should be possible. This is why sometimes dudes get cut off. Dudes don't know how to act anymore. Playing too much or getting salty because you have a girl. Then they usually try to blame you and call you whipped, smh. If need be OP, just don't be around him, and if He continues to talk, let him. Your friends, well if they are your TRUE friends, then they'll tell him to chill with that.

Hold your ground OP.
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If you were there first it shouldn't matter and your OG boys should automatically be on your side.

Talk to your boys about it then go from there.
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