NT Ive lost my lust for life vol. HELP!

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Alright guys so Im a college soph and last year was
so I automatically assumed that this year was gonna get cracking right off jump. WRONG, nothing seems to have went right this year so far and honestly my life just feels really bland right now.  Yea I go out and party and thats all cool and whatnot but its just not as fun as it used to be. I dont even feel like talking to girls rt now, idk whats wrong y'all.... Sophomore Slump? 
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Try new things that's not even related to girls or partying. Doing that allows you to take a break off doing something you maybe did so much and it got old, plus it gives you new ideas to do in life.
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Sophmore slump? For me that was the first year I realized how easy it was to hook up with freshmen

Could be that youre hangin out with the same ppl constantly. Meet some new ppl, hit up new scenes

Or if you really aint got nothin to do add a new class, take your mind off everythin but school and graduate sooner
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Take a break from all the things you're using to doing, step back and just enjoy your life at the simplest level. Spend a few days not caring about anything or anyone, then come back.

All the pressures and expectations those around you and society place upon you get pretty stressful... just take some time to live without a single care, then regroup and get back to work.
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Life's not meant to be lusted so I suggest you start with something small that you could love doing and take things from there, maybe even try meeting new people and hanging out with other friends.
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Freshmen year is the most fun of them all. Everything you experience is so novel!

As you progress in school your workload gets harder, the school experience can start to feel pretty mundane.

But trust me on this one, you have to enjoy college as must as you can. You'll never be living around all your friends like that ever again.

You're just slumpin' right now! It'll turn around.
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Thanks guys I really appreciate the advice, Im gonna step back and consider some of your suggestions


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Go on vacation. Hit a beach up for a weekend or something. It will really refresh your mind. Also, leave your phone in the hotel, just soak up life without interruption.
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Maybe you're not interested in what your planning on majoring in...Also does depression run in the family? Ever tried going to talk to someone? Lastly, if your smoking the herbs, you may want to stop for a minute. Some people are know to go into a depressed state after smoking for an exteneded time...Don't do anything stupid, talk to someone...It will help...
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