NT Madden NFL 12 Xbox 360 Fantasy Franchise: Week 2 READY


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It's almost that time of year again, with Madden being less than 2 weeks away and I haven't seen any franchise threads pop up yet; I've decided to go ahead and make one since this will be the 1st Madden I've purchased since the abysmal Madden 10 and before that the holy grail Madden 04. The demo really impressed me with the improvements and that coupled with the atrocity that EA released in NCAA 12 this year has forced my hand to find my virtual football fix elsewhere.

So here's how it goes. We'll be doing a fantasy draft so everyone can build their team the way they want to. Sim rules, when the game comes out I'll have to see what are the best sliders and what gameplay speed to play at because in the demo, everything was rapid and I think it should be toned down just a bit to make it more realistic.

If you are interested, put your NT Name/XBL Gamertag/Team.

Also when you plan on getting the game and suggestion for day/night to do the fantasy draft. I'm thinking a limit of 20 players should be just about right to keep it active and competitive. I know most of the NT leagues on here die off (NCAA, 2K, etc.), but I for one am committed to having this one finish at least one season.


1. Mamba MVP/Gator Boy 24/Buccaneers
2. TennHouse2/Flash House/Titans
3. mikejs210/mikejs210/Cowboys
4. doworkson/t ali is a g/ Texans
5. jerseymizzle/VodkaFlockaFlme/Chargers
6. CertifiedSW/Young Sean 15/Seahawks
7. bxbadboy90/ K Rich22/Jets
8. fraij da 5 11/ShotsRangOut/Packers
9. rareair45/poofyo101/Steelers
10. PleaseSayTheBaby23/Pac Man 850/Raiders
11. woody2626/addicted 2 js/Panthers
12. Jay02/JKomo/Saints
13. JBlaze23/JBizzle/Rams
14. mr2cool80/mr2cool80/Dolphins
15. zack54attack/zpearsonccs23/Bears 
16. RealityCheck911/Ravens
17. Master Chef 609/Falcons

AFC North: Steelers (rareair45); Ravens (RealityCheck911)
AFC South: Titans (TennHouse2); Texans (doworkson)
AFC East: Jets (bxbadboy90); Dolphins (mr2cool80)
AFC West: Chargers (jerseymizzle); Raiders (PleaseSayTheBaby23)

NFC North: Packers (fraij da 5 11); Bears (zack54attack)
NFC South: Buccaneers (Mamba MVP); Panthers (woody2626); Saints (Jay02); Falcons (Master Chef 609)
NFC East: Cowboys (mikejs210)
NFC West: Seahawks (CertifiedSW); Rams (JBlaze23)
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Please no nano blitzing either 

I don't know if that'll even be an exploit this year, but it's annoying and cheap. 
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do work son/ t ali is a g/ texans

i'll do what i can to stay as active as possible, but if school gets in the way, best believe im choosing school over madden. i dont foresee it being a problem


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GT: Pac Man 850 let me get the 49ers (we gotta spread the teams out evenly or dudes would be walkin free to the division playoffs)

glad its a draft I like to build my team how I play

plus we all know Eagles, Jets, Packers, Pats will be the only teams selected other wise SMH


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There's 5 more spots left. But I want to get a general consensus, what day would be the best to do the draft. I'm thinking a Sunday night would be best maybe around 9PM EST.
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And it looks like there's at least two teams picked in every division except AFC West and AFC North so far. If two of the next 5 pick teams in those divisions, it should be fairly even.

Not unless we agree to re-pick teams and just choose from 5 divisions. But then we'd have one conference with more user controlled teams

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