NT make my Boston trip legendary - Nov 20-23

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  1. rayray3thousand


    Sep 18, 2006
    Heading up to Boston with a buddy for a conference... Need your help making a solid itinerary... staying near the convention center... HELP US OUT NT

    Thursday Nov 20) open

    Friday Nov 21) open

    Saturday Nov 22) BOSTON BRUINS GAME - my former student was able to score us tickets

    Sunday Nov 23) PATS VS LIONS - got tickets all locked up already. Ride the train from the city? What is the best way to pre-game before kickoff?

    MUST DO) bar hop historic places, eat good food, would love to catch a good concert too
  2. penalize


    Jan 3, 2012
    legendary, huh? i wouldnt get my hopes up...boston is pretty smalll...

    bruins game will ge fun.
    foxboro is kinda far away..train isnt bad, but its cold and the tailgaiting is average at best.

    the convention center is on boylston...theres like 20 bars up and down that street...real good eating too...those fancy restaurants.
    check out the north end for italian food and fresh pastries n sh*t..

    catch a ride on the duck boats
    then take a quick skate at the duck pond
    catch a celtics game too

    concerts are hit or miss...all depends on type of music you like

  3. bigstan


    Mar 24, 2013
    NOTE: Which convention center? Hynes? I wrote most of this assuming you were at the waterfront one...Hopefully you're at the one on Boylston because thats way more centrally located.

    Casa Razdora in the Financial district for lunch, went there like 3 days a week. Only open weekdays like 11-5, though. 

    Never taken the train to a Pat's game, but as stated its pretty far. Not sure how long before game time you get there or how close it gets you...

    Bruins game will be fun, ton's of bars around that area. I believe out of state IDs don't work inside unless you're over 25 (Boston is annoyingly strict). Passport is fine but dk what you have.

    Convention center is a little ****** location wise, kinda hard for public transit. Good restaurants down there though, but most of them are pricey. I'd say do a Harpoon Brewery tour if you're into beer. I like them wayyyy better than Sam Adams and it should be walking distance. 

    Please, do not eat at the places in Fanuiel Hall. All terrible tourist traps for the most part, feel bad for people that get lobster rolls there for a **** ton of money. 

    Yelp is decent for food around here, there's a few traps, but nothing too serious. North End can be tough. Sam Lagrassa's will likely pop up for sandwhiches, one of my fav pastrami sandwhiches, but I dont go often because of the price.  Lot of food trucks outside South Station which isn't far from you. OG Pizzeria Regina is in the North End if you want to try it for pizza. 

    Rino's in East Boston is really good for Italian food, but kind of hard to get to and can be PACKED. Check yelp, I don't think they take reservations.

    Grille 23 is great for a steakhouse and to switch it up from the large chains, same goes for Abe and Louie's. Both $$$$. 

    Also, no happy hour in MA so you won't find great drink specials...there are some food one's that can be pretty good deals. 

    Idk what else, if you have any questions, ask. Been here for the past 5yrs for school (I'm 23). 

    Enjoy the cold haha
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  4. illonaire2006


    Jul 18, 2012
    I'll be in Beantown valentine's day weekend. Staying at Lores hotel... I know it's gonna be freezing but let me know what I need to see/eat to make it worth it. I'll be there for 3 nights..
  5. bl14


    Jul 31, 2015
    Go to the bodega sneaker store its downtown