NT - my life sucks, I feel lost vol. who cares

Joined Apr 24, 2006
I got my bachelors in Business Economics back in 2003

then I went straight to grad school and got my MBA in 2005

then I got a Market Research Analyst job for $42K

then I got a Business Analyst job for $55K with an auto manufacturer

then I got laid off about 8 months ago.

I'm 28. I can't find any work. And I feel like even if I start a new job, I might get laid off again. And is all this worth making such littlemoney?

I feel like all my education is worthless because I only have 3 years of experience.

I look around and I have friends who are dentists, business owners, physical therapist, and they are all making good money.

I'm living at home with my parents and I'm getting married in 5 months.

My life really sucks and I don't know what to do.

On the bright side, I have no debt other than student loans, which are currently on deferrment.

What can I do? I feel depressed every day.
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Get off your f'n asss and find a job. Relocate if you have to. And put the marriage on standby until you get you shh str8.
Joined May 25, 2008
First thing you need to do is get a job. In your field preferably. I'd also hold off the marriage for at least a year. No need for that kind of an expensewhile your in your situation.

Hold your head up tho there is a lot of people with situations a lot worse then yours. You have a Masters Degree you will be fine just don't give up hope.


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Life is good so far...
school is almost out, summer is looking like its gonna be good this year
im getting married in 5 months

i dont think it could get better right now

i feel sorry for you tho
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Originally Posted by lilpro4u

Get off your f'n asss and find a job. Relocate if you have to. And put the marriage on standby until you get you shh str8.

the marriage is already planned for, too late to postpone it. Non-refundable deposits have been paid. That's not an option.

And I can't relocate and ask my girl to leave all her friends and family and her job.
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How the hell are you going to play for your wedding if your broke and it sounds like your life sucks so who the hell is marrying you
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be positive everyday...try not to worry about the unknown. its the only thing you can hope for...

and you gotta do something about being a lakers fan
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Originally Posted by ShAdYdaTGuy

i think your just being lazy.
I highly doubt that. The job market is a #*+$$ right now.I can't tell you how many friends I have that can't find jobs. Thank you for professional school.
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Be glad for what you have. No matter how you bad you have it, theres people who have it alot worse.

Its bad yea. Things always work themselves out, be strong, keep your head up, and in the end, if all else fails. just smile. enjoy the little things.


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Stay up fam. Keep looking for work even though it seems pointless now, but you have to start somewhere to get over your depression. Forget about those aroundyou and just look at your own situation. Hopefully you will find work relatively soon because the economy is coming back up and you have an MBA already. Afterthat comes along everything else should be fine, you'll be able to get your own place and feel better overall. The most important thing is to just not giveup now and keep looking for work and staying positive. Good luck with everything.
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Just gotta keep throwing out the resumes man, a MBA is nothing to shrug off. Also, getting married when you're unemployed, financially stressed, hatingyour life, AND living with your parents? Smells like a recipe for disaster...watch yourself.

I'm sort of in the same boat...I'll have a M.A. here in about 6 months, but in my current job search I have been finding very little. I'm hopefulthat things will begin to swing upward again, but either way I'll make it (I'm also single, which takes a huge burden off of my situation).
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Originally Posted by Lizaker4Lizife

And I can't relocate and ask my girl to leave all her friends and family and her job.

This is something I often see particularly with older couples. In my opinion, you should look elsewhere and have her look in the places you are as well. Familyand friends are important yes, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Now isn't the time to be stubborn about moving to find another job, that's how a lotof people get messed up. Matter of fact, why not look in other areas where you or her have family? It sounds like you're depressed because you feel like afailure, you cite that your friends have jobs and are doing well but instead of feeling bad for yourself stay focused and find the things that make you happyin life and put your energy towards them. Don't get caught up in that trap of depression all it does is blur things.

Just my
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This economy sucks for business majors/degree holders. I hope that you find a job soon, I don't know really what to tell you except for focus on thepositivity that is going to come from getting married in 5 weeks...
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my dude i think many people are in similar situations but you gotta be strong and find your way. I feel lost too right now.

Not working in my field of study and I pretty much have given up on it. But I know that the goal right now is to get back on my game. Swag is virtually zeroright now. SMH but I know if I work hard and get back to a certain point it'll be good. Everyone takes different paths to success don;t worry bout the nextperson, get your plan together and follow through. Plus at least you have your wifey and ya'll got each other.
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The only problem you have is that you don't have a job?

It's a recession homie. You got a MBA and a lady that will stand by your bum

Just keep throwin' them resumes out and swearing at Bush under your breath when you find the time.
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I have gone on a lot of interviews and either I have to take a serious paycut or I've been told I am overqualified.

Two times I got 3 interviews deep with a company only to have them tell me that they decided not to fill the position because of the economic downturn theycouldnt budget for the position.

Believe me, I have and still am trying hard to get a job. I never though getting my master's I would be jobless and only in the $50K range of salary. itsucks
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Depression is hard to take on but you will get stepped on out here if you are idle for too long. Where there is will, there is a way. You need to stopcomparing yourself to other people and realize that money isn't everything(especially right now with folks losing it left and right by not investingcorrectly) and work with what you have right now and things will fall into place when they are supposed to.

Good luck and keep your head up.
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