NT...My Pops Died Today...RIP Roy Hall

Joined Aug 29, 2008
Cops came to my house earlier and told me the news...I feel like total @%#@, he had called meyesterday and I didn't return the call. I didn't visit him all week...I loved my dad, but I could never tell him. He even said that I didn't careabout him, I just couldn't bring myself to just say it.

So I had to go recover some of his valuables a few watches, some chains, rings and 2 tablets ofviagra

I am who I am today because of my pops...and I will NEVER forget him....

And this is so cliche, but you never really know what you have til it's gone....just going tohis house was rough, I fell over in tears...I loved that man with all my heart

1 love Pops!!!! Even tho you ain't ever use a computer before, I know you readingthis


Joined Sep 30, 2008

Im pretty sure I would lose my mind if either of my parents died. Especially my moms..
Joined Mar 19, 2006
damn must be real hard right now, just gotta think of all the good memories and hopefully we can help on here
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