NT: My warning to those who don't use protection

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    Jan 10, 2013
    Cliff notes

    *I am a sex addict who never used protection

    *I have an STD that has no cure

    *I am giving all the sexually active Niketalkers valuable advise

    My warning: USE PROTECTION!!

    I have never been able to share this story with anyone because of shame. Nobody knows. I am sharing this story to hopefully save some of you guys. I know a lot of people on this site commonly smash all types of females raw because it feels better. I'm here to tell you it's not worth it.

    I am a sex addict. I am 25 years old. I have been having sex for over 12 years. I have one child (6 years old). I have had unprotected sex with so many women that I do not even know how many and cannot give you a number. 1 out of 10 I would strap. I had unprotected sex in long term relationships, with females I just met at the club or a party, pretty females, females that were butt ugly, fat girls, one night stands, big time slutts, older women 40+, prego females and all. I am now paying for it.

    2006 - It started to burn really bad for about a week when I urinated like pissing razor blades. Clear discharge was constantly oozing out at random times during the day, it was painless but very uncomfortable it felt like something was crawling out. I went to the clinic, got a bunch of tests done including one where they take a large cotton swab and insert it into your urethra. I was diagnosed with CHLAMYDIA. I had no idea who I got it from but narrowed it down to 3, 2 of which I never could get a hold of again. Took some pills and poof, gone. Slap on the wrist.

    2008 - Same as last time but ten times worse. Discharge was yellow and greenish. GONORRHEA. The pain was terrible when urinating it made me cry. Again I had no I idea who I got it from. Except this time I gave it to a girl I cared about. She told her parents (she was 17 at the time I was 20) and her dad WENT CRAZY. Came to my house with a gun at 4am and told me he never wants to see me again or else I am dead. I called t-mobile 10 minutes later and changed my number.

    2010 - I noticed some itchy spots on my penis. For about a month it was bugging me. After a month or so the spots that were itching became bumps. I had over a dozen small zit like bumps on my penis. I went to the clinic and was diagnosed with MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM. A viral infection that can also be transmitted non sexually. I had to spend over $1000 to have laser treatment surgery done to remove the bumps. Once removed, the immune system usually takes care of the rest. I knew who I got this one from. A girl that I met at the club. She was drunk, whispering in my ear that she wanted to spend the night with me. I told myself never take a girl home the 1st night again. So instead I got her number. Why I decided to smash raw the next week I don't know but I regret it. She probably did the same thing every weekend to hundreds of dudes in life for all I know. But unfortunately looks can be deceiving. Still, this was a slap on the wrist.

    2013 - Now this is the reason why I made this post. I am so stupid. Seriously it's like touching a red hot stove, getting burnt and going right back for more as soon as it heals. I am so figgin stupid smh. In December 2012 I noticed bumps on my penis. Weird, ugly, itchy and painful this time that would turn into sores. I go to the clinic. Upon observation she tells me I have HPV (Not HIV omg thank you) which means HUMAN PAPIILLOMAVIRUS. In case you don't know that is GENITAL WARTS. This is life changing for me. The dr's say I have a rare strain (there are over 100 known types, some dont even show warts ever) that will constantly come back. The worst part is that someone can have it for up to 6 years and never show signs of having it and not even know they have it. I may have given this to dozens of girls. I am in a mess.

    There is no cure. I have this for life. I can never have a serious relationship with anyone normal because HPV causes cervical cancer to females. I don't think I can ever have anymore children. No female is ever going to want me if they knew I have this. I have to resort to STD dating sites in the future. The treatment options were between a prescription cream that is over $350 a month or there is TC ACID TREATMENT that removes the warts. I couldn't afford the cream so I had to get the acid treatment. I've read about this. I knew what was coming. I told them they seriously needed to strap me down. They said they had a body strap. I agreed.

    It was the most terrible 5 minutes of my life. They take a cotton swab and wipe acid on the lesions, destroying them and burning them away. 1st it felt like listerine burning, 20 seconds later it felt like rubbing alcohol in a cut, 20 seconds later it felt like someone took my penis and pushed it on a red hot stove set to high. I was screaming bloody murder. She told me calm down and breathe and resumed like nothing was happening. She then put some sort of powder on it to "extinguish it". The pain lasted for over 3 minutes. Worst pain I've ever endured. The healing process was terrible. Like any burn/wound it scabbed pretty bad, bled and got stuck to my boxers. Getting an erection was torture the scabs cracked open and hurt and bled. I have to get this treatment done at least twice a year and it takes 3 weeks to full heal. I have light discolored blotches of scars all over my tip that are so obvious.

    I can now say I have finally learned my lesson. I am stuck with this for the rest of my life. It could be worse, I could have HIV or HSV 1 & 2 but still female and sex life is ruined. Niketalk. I am telling you, take it from me YOU DON'T WANT TO GET SOMETHING THAT HAS NO CURE. Use protection!!
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    Dec 3, 2009
    :x :x

    Why must we go through things first hand to change!?...sadly this advice will fall mostly on deaf ears, glad it wasn't HIV bro....stay safe.
  3. big meech

    big meech

    Jul 18, 2012
    You deserve every disease you get.
  4. nawghtyhare


    May 24, 2005
    Honestly i dint know what to say. Sorry u gotta go through that fam. keep ur head up
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    Sep 4, 2012
    but NT'ers arent sexually active so no need to worry bout us papi
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    Aug 7, 2001
    Sorry to hear bro, but :x.

    The first lesson learned didn't make you say enough is enough?
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    Jan 10, 2013
    But what do you mean? All these guys swear they pull yambs all day. There's even a team raw! The virgin to non-virgin ratio on this site must be 1:100 at least!
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    Jan 10, 2013
    No. As I said I was stupid. At the clinic they told me I'm nothing compared to others. They say they have some patients returning once a month for years.
  9. rezzurrectme


    Apr 25, 2005

    Way to harsh......just have to suck it up as a lesson learned (The HARD way)

    Keep ya head up.........
  10. sir charles

    sir charles

    Jul 21, 2012
    I go raw, but I'm in a long term relationship and we have both been tested. Sorry to hear about your problem OP, shoulda been T. Woods
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    Oct 10, 2007

    That's a real sad story. I always strap up. except once... erhh twice. The first time i was drunk couldn't finish after I took off the condom and I kinda forgot we took it off and just went back at it.

    Second time I figured well I already did it by mistake once with her and it's the same girl so I'm either already dead or I'm good.

    Ever since then condoms, always.

    Though I dream of a day to a meet a girl focused on her career, clean, and on birth control.
  12. matt53


    Dec 3, 2008
    :smh: sad stuff bro, keep your head up and adjust. PM if you need to talk to someone
  13. Bert.

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    Oct 25, 2010
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    Jul 18, 2012
  15. airforce1king


    Aug 12, 2001
    My man, I hate to hear what you're going through. My heart goes out to you because that does suck that this will be with you for the rest of your life. However, c'mon my man. What in the world did you think was going to happen? You went TOO hard. Worst part is you endangered the lives of so many others. I'm not putting on my cape, I'm just saying some women enjoy having a good time just like us. We don't want to get burned and neither do they. The fact that you were willing to have sex with multiple women raw in close time frames is ignorant and selfish. As moronic as this next statement may sound, it's good that this happened to you and you've FINALLY learned your lesson. God forbid you got HIV and started a snowball effect in your city.

    Furthermore, you're not exactly giving us any new info. Anyone who goes as hard as you deserves to have this happen to them. It's the equivalent of me saying "Guys, heed my warning. Do NOT take an entire bottle of pills vol. Almost died" or "Guys, take it from me. Do NOT stick your arm in an alligator mouth! PICS *WARNING!!! GRAPHIC* " It's hard to have pity when such stupid acts are performed.

    But your warnings did not fall on deaf ears and I will definitely always keep this in mind. Once again, I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you...

    *EDIT* Let me clean this up a bit because it does sound like I'm putting on my cape. Suppose you meet a chick and you're contemplating on doing her raw and you end up going for it. You later find out that she is a full time prostitute that works the corner every night. You'll be a bit angry at her for not alerting this to you earlier. You said you went raw on big time sluts which is triflin and ridiculous. You also went raw in pregnant females and other chicks. To bang big time sluts raw and then go bang some other random chick raw without getting tested is foul my man. I'm sure if you tell a girl "BTW, I banged a couple well known sluts raw" that you wouldn't be having sex that night. I'm not putting on my cape because any female who lets you go raw without being in a committed relationship with you in the first place is a *** just like me and you, but to do it KNOWING how you get down is pretty low. Like I said, it's best this happened before you caught HIV...
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    Oct 29, 2005
    sounds aweful
  17. xsourdieselx


    Sep 5, 2011
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  18. Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios

    Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios formerly DONRE

    Jul 23, 2012
    Im glad you posted this even though it was  bit graphic. i work at a HIV clinic and the things ive heard (not seen as i am neither a doctor or nurse) is horrifying. a gay dude had so many infection his penis had to be cut-off at the age of 27 or 28 so the infections would not spread to his upper pelvic area. 

    i am all for Team Raw in serious relationship even though there are risk, but never smash a chick raw who you dont know from a hole in the wall, In this case the pleasure is not worth the ultimate pain.
  19. guccjermaine


    Jul 21, 2012
  20. socluis90


    Dec 30, 2005
    I had one scare and never again. The stress I went through wasn't worth smashing any supermodel.

    Luckily I was clean as a whistle but man I was shook.

    Good luck OP. Something tells me you'll get through this phase and go back at it. Maybe you need psychological help.