NT need your help on some car decisions

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Now let me first say that I DO NOT intend this on becoming a "American Muscle vs Imports" thread. I just need to help based on the facts I'm going to present.

I own a manual 2001 Camaro SS with about 66k miles. I drive about 40miles round trip to work everyday and I'm torn between keeping it and having the power and muscle that I love (at the expense of lots and lots of gas) or selling it and getting something where I can just sit back and relax.

Not mine, but looks similar, same color and black interior like this one.

That being said, the car of choice if I was to go to something else would be a 2008/2009 Honda Accord. My girl drives a 2006 Honda Civic and I love how after a long day at work I don't have to deal with a stick shift and its just a smooth comfortable ride.

If you think I should get the Accord, I'm now torn between saving a LOT of gas and going with the 4 cylinder model or having SOME power and STILL saving gas and going with the V6 model.

I like the Accord because I feel like it looks really nice and doesn't cost too much, but I love my Maro because its just "ooohh sooo sexxxy" and I'm a muscle kinda guy....

I just need some opinion on what you guys think would be the better choice? Some background is I am 22, CANNOT afford to just get both and also own a R6 motorcycle where I figure that I can get my speed fix.

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would you be taking out new financing on the accord?.
if so...keep the camaro(I'm assuming it's paid for)
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