NT Please Give Advice on this girl/Situation

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Aightttt here we go, Summing everything up.. So we work together and started talking about a month ago. Texting, messing around at work.. We chilled for the first time about 2 weeks ago, which was just driving around/chillin for a while. Friday night(this week)..she text me saying she want to chill so...It was me, my friend and her sriving around in her car, all drunk. I smashed that night. Today we chill and go out to eat (red lobster), Mall, And chilled with her friend on a blunt ride, then we go to the park and chill, and I'm just getting home. ( chilled for like 9 hours)
NOW... she tells me she wants to be my girl, but doesnt want to be hurt. FOR SOME REASON, i feel like a punk for even thinking of wifing this brawd, IDK why, but i like her she's real cool.. Give me your advice on this.. We are both 17, and no its a part time clothing store yalllllll
Will keep you updated, and will post pics on the 2nd updation..not saying you should care though cause i know yall have ur own probs too. Thanks

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If you don't wanna wife her.. then don't wife her.. simple as that. PICS NOW
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I see you like to chill.......A LOT!
Messing with a female at the j-o-b isn't really wise though man.She may SEEM cool now,but if @%%+ doesn't work out then it could get messy in the workplace (and not in a good way).
*rubs hands together*
Aightttt i'm ready for those pics sir.
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is this just a part time job to get some quick cash on the side or is this a career job? if its a career job, keep relationships out of it....
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If you're feeling like something makes her NOT worth it (not mentioned above obviously) then don't. Your prerogative.
umm......how about some pics now...

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
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I always come through with some solid advice for people having this same problem on NT

So what you should do is

PICS OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ain't this NT?

Don't we require pics for threads like this?

And you're wifing up the office jump?

DAMN boy, what is your major malfunction?
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