NT Poll how many of you actually believe you can become a billionaire?

Joined Mar 26, 2009
Just as the title say's also to put some perspective on your answers put your age as well.

For me:  It's possible but not probable
Age: 19
Joined Dec 23, 2009
No, I wont hit a billi. I'm shooting for mid 8 figures though. Yeah it's not a lot compared to the world's wealthiest, but I feel that if I can hit 30 mil or so, I'll be content and my family will be set for generations to come.
Joined Jul 7, 2002
Originally Posted by ElijahDukes

either some of y'all are trying to be funny or y'all just wayyy too optimistic

me: nope, 19 years old
word, i bet alot of you work at target and still live with your mom


Joined Sep 1, 2009
Why would I want a billion dollars, we all should know by this point that money is just as worthless as the lent in our pockets. How about I have all the wealth of knowledge. If this was possible I would want this by the age of 25-30
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