NT Rappers: Hows many units have you sold and whats your price?

Joined Feb 20, 2003
I wonna know who be really in the streets & online grindin...here we can share experiences as far as grindin in the streets and online.

Ive pushed over 4000 units of my mixtapes all together (Tha Promotion 1, 2 & 3). My newest mixtape "Tha Promotion 3" is currently at 1200 units and I wonna get up to 10K+ by the end of the summer. I sell them for $2 and people I know say thats too low but when you selling to people all day youll see how broke and cheap people are when they aint got $2...Ill eventually start selling for $5 once I break 2000 units.

I get most of my sales at gas stations, corner stores and flea markets in Memphis but this summer I plan to travel and get promo outside the city

Heres my current CD I'm pushing:

D Cinn - "Tha Promotion 3: Prince of da Haven"

So, how many units have you sold, how much do you sell for and where do you sell your CDs?
Joined Mar 14, 2006
I don't sell my mixtapes, they free. Only got 2 out anyway. If I was really tryna pursue a career in music then it'd be a different story
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