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Joined May 16, 2009
 Can I purchase a new phone (iPhone 3GS or Blackberry Bold to be exact), and just insert the SIM card from my old cell phone into it in order to call/text?..Or do I have to start a new agreement with the company. ..I have AT&T, if that matters.

Thanks in advance!
Joined Apr 1, 2009
don't think you can with a droid. because it's a verizon phone and verizon doesn't used sim cards
Joined Sep 22, 2008
No point in having either of those if you're not gonna get a data plan. My friend, a friend of hers gave her their old curve and she was able to put her sim in it.
Joined May 2, 2008
U can, but for the iPhone you HAVE to get the 30 dollar data plan... blackberry i think its optional

iPhone >>>>* tho
Joined Feb 7, 2006
As long as the phones accept sim cards and work on your network, you should be good.
You can supposedly get a cheaper data plan if you sign up for one when you have a smartphone than if you got an iPhone, BB, etc.
Joined May 16, 2009
Yeah, I don't mind the $30 Data Plan(Internet,E-mail,and other usage I'm assuming?). I just don't want to do a new 2-year agreement crap.
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