NT, school me on debt settlement.

Joined Oct 15, 2008
I was searching in Google but saw multiple answers.

All i need to do is pay Chevy Chase $500 but went down to like $350 with the settlement.its not much but idk what to do.

also whats a good bank to get with now
. cant be Chevy Chase nor Bank of America.

please and thanks


Joined Apr 18, 2005
1. Remember, if you settle your settlement will be posted on your credit report. Some credit gurus say you should tell the creditors you'll pay the full amount, if they wont leave you a bad rating on your report.
Joined Feb 24, 2005
You're looking for debt settlement over $500 bucks? Seriously?...

Just pay the cash. You're stupid to mess with your credit over $500 bucks.
Joined Oct 15, 2008
thats why i need to get schooled. need to know what happens if i accept the offer and what happens if i dont and i pay the 500...
Joined Feb 2, 2003
pay in full.

they are gonna hound you for the settlement though because the collectors want that commission.
tell them youll wait and pay in full

it looks better on your credit report if you pay in full.
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