NT School me on Down South Music

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What are you looking for? New stuff our classic %%%+ from the 90's? I'm gonna assume the former.

Listen to this, possibly the best release of 2008.

Killer Mike is my dude, aside from that check out Little Brother, Young Dro, Jeezy, Slim Thug (don't sleep he makes great music). Those are probably myfavorite out the south right now. Oh and Scarface's album from last year was dope as hell too but that's a given.
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Agreed on that Scarface, "Never"

As for the op it really depends on what your looking for, if you like dipset aka rappers who got flow and bars relating to weed, and things that pop off in thehood I would listen to Yung LA, Young Dro, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, & UGK for starters.
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yo i just heard Never for the first time about 30 mins ago.

but i aint into south music as a whole so this is my exit..............


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Oj da juiceman
Gucci Mane mixtapes
Shawty Lo album goes hard
The first Lil Flip album
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For NT. I have rights to broadcast this song (co produced), if there is anything questionable about the material please let meknow and I will remove this video. But it should be safe (about as safe as watching Boyz in the Hood on TNT)
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Originally Posted by StarkyL0ve

Jetpac I didn't know you produced. Beat is nice, are you part of Band Geakz?

Not apart of Band Geakz... But yea I produce. Have produced alot of underground ATL tracks.. I have a song with Big Manda I produced back in 07' thatSHOULD HAVE BEEN RELEASED!!! Its only a scratch but i'm VERY mad we didn't get it polished and mixed


formerly airodney23
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Devin The Dude
Three 6 Mafia
8Ball & MJG (I actually need to get put on to some of their stuff, I'm slacking)
And DRO!

I know it's a bunch of %*$# I'm leaving out, but...whatever.
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