NT: School Me on Jaguars (The Car)...

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i'm looking to get a Jaguar S-Type and i no basically nothing about them. Does anybody here drive a Jaguar? Do you have problems with it? What kind of gasmileage do they get? Any information would be appreciated...
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everything you will EVER need to know

they list all known problems with every year, every got damn piece of info in existence

kbb.com nuff said
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why would you want that car....
they dont even make it anymore cause it was a HUGE fail
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I own a Jaguar, but it's the XJ6 with the british inline six. It's been very good to me and the reason why I still have it around. Nothing butroutine maintenance, and a couple of throttle body cleanings over the past 7 years.

As far as the S-Type goes, stay away. This car is nothing more than the Lincoln LS, but the quality of the S-Type is actually worse. The headliner started tosag after 3 years along with the felt on the pillars, It was in at the dealership for engine work at least twice a year. Gas mileage will be the least ofyour problems with this thing. Breaks and rotors was a killer also. 3 years of headaches out of this thing was enough fro me to finally get rid of it.

If you are going to buy a Jaguar, make sure that you get one under some type of warranty. If not, you will pay for the car three times over in trying to keepit running.
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