.::NT, Swing Ya Rag vs. Who's Real vs. On To the Next One vol. Choose One::.

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NT, which one do you think was the better track? Granted we couldn't get a video for "Swing Ya Rag" Swizz Beatz outdid himself on all the tracks

My choice is Jay's track, I loved the original sample "D.A.N.C.E. live version" and once Swizz looped it that made it even more proper. The contenders:


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There's a video for "Swing Ya Rag" we'll just never see it.

I'd say Jay, TIP then Jada.

- Jada's track died out quickly and seemed to be a Regional song and throwing OJ on there was terrible.
- TIP's song no complaints.
- Jay's song is the perfect one out of the 3, he gets the edge over T.I. simply because at a Club the lyrics and his flow in the song actually are easier and move the crowd.
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whos real was TRAAAAAASH...

i mean cmon... did u hear that hook? hell the beat was wack too...

on to the next one is OK... jay ripped it but the beat aint ***% without the vocals...

winner is swing ya rag...
Joined Apr 30, 2005
Wait is this for the beat or overall track?

I wasnt a fan of the hook on Who's real and neither OJ the Juiceman

but I still think the beat is cool

But overall I like the Swing ya Rag beat the most.
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