NT, The best player on your favorite team just went down clutching his knee...

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Originally Posted by Seymore CAKE

@ y'all finding disappointment in the fact that a player ISN'T injured.

Rather is type sad. LeBron being hurt for a long period of time will just shatter the NBA
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not cool.

Derek Anderson, Kentucky, 1997. At the time the athletic wingman injured his knee in late January, he was considered a first-team All-American, averaging nearly 18 points per game for the 15-2 Wildcats. Even without Anderson, Kentucky advanced to the national title game and lost in overtime to Arizona. With him, the Cats would have done a much better job guarding Miles Simon and probably would have won the title in a walk.

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i think after Yao and Tracy the past couple years, i wouldnt be shocked if someone didnt get hurt
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