NT - The scariest thing in the world just happened to me today...

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So...I'm coming home from my morning classes....I had to poo badly, so I cut class to go home(i have a thing about taking a poo poo in public) So I drive down the usual road pass this highschool.
As I was driving, doing about 25-30, I see this kid on his bike entering the road not using the crosswalk, but he's riding alongside traffic...but that was not the case..The second I was about to pass him, the kid decided to turn his bike into traffic, the front of his bike makes contact with the front-right corner of my bumper, then he kind of rolls alongside my passenger side of the car and hit the ground. This all happened as I was braking and when my car finally stopped.. I was shooked as hell, i thought i killed the kid so I swung my door open and ran to the kid..Somehow he was ok and he kept telling me "IM OK IM SORRY MAN!!" and he wanted to ride home still, but the school's employees wanted to call the cops and get them involved. Cops came, asked him for his side of the story, and my side. Ambulance came and took him away as a precaution, jsut in case. Reports were made and what seems like a lifetime later, the cop told me to not be worried and judging by the facts, it was not my fault it happened and his parents would have to cover the damages to my car..thank god...

Cliff notes
Poo poo badly
Go home
Pass school, hit kid on bike
Cops came and ambulance took the kid away
Cop said I'll be alright and not my fault ~
Ya I made it to the bathroom ~

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Wow that was scary. Glad the kid is ok. Good thing you were going the speed limit or else it could have been worse.
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Story would have been better if you crapped your pants after hitting the kid.
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If somebody jolts in front of your car suddenly and unexpectedly, your life won't be ruined (on paper, at least, mentally is another story) for running them over.
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Did you @@$% on yourself OP?
I..........I.........I don't recall you ever mentioning whether you made it to the toilet or not.....
*waits for response*
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i made it to the toilet and it felt good and i was on the phone with my insurance company at the same time ~
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lol @ saying poo poo
I went out for a jog a few weeks ago around midnight. It was dark out, and I was at an intersection where there were stop signs on all sides.
I ran past the intersection because it was my go, but the car coming ran through the stop and as I was jetting across the road it stopped like an inch away from me.
If I was sprinting .001 mph slower he would've hit me. Being that close to getting hit by a car is no joke..easily top 5 scariest moments in my life.
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Glad to hear everything went great but...

If sitting quietly in a class would of caused you to poo, I'm sure you probably let loose during this whole fiasco.
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Originally Posted by dano4o8

i made it to the toilet and it felt good and i was on the phone with my insurance company at the same time ~
That is gross. I know broads do stuff like that all the time.
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