NT, we have ANOTHER stray pit, vol. our 3rd rescue

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NT, if you remember our 2 previous posts, we took in a MASSIVE former fighting pit.  we took him to a pit bull rescue and as i'm looking at their page (valley of the sun dog rescue), he's finally been adopted out.

then... there's the 2nd pit, khloe, that we kept.  here's her updated picture as we took her w/ us to see '30 minutes or less' and 'final destination 5' at the drive-in last night:

and now, this...

we call him 'common' after common the emcee.  we name our pets after our fav hip hop artists, except for khloe (cats named dilla and thelonious).  so, i don't know what we're going to do w/ him but being in arizona, animal control would just put him down.  he's an awesome dog, too.  he's well-mannered and friendly so i don't think he deserves to put down.  if you're in the phoenix area, we'd greatly appreciate some info on a place to take him to or a foster home.
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my dog almost got attacked by a pit, luckily i was able to pull him off her

i wish people would take the time to raise these animals right. i've come across a ton of them at the park that are the nicest animals ever. but you have these idiots that lock them up for years then want to bring em to the park to socialize when the dog is clearly aggressive.

good luck placing him in a suitable home, one that'll care for the animal like they are suppose to.
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Beautiful work, beautiful pup. You are very kind hearted. I hope someone can adopt. Keep putting that positivity out there, you will get it in return!
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 nice to see yall are taking good care of the last, but thats crazy how these dogs keep winding up at your home
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I'm convinced that you're luring these dogs to your house, sir.

nah dude.  there's prob a communication on the underground stray dog circuit to come to our house cuz they know they'll get taken care of.
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 are you planning on keeping this one??

i don't want to.  we actually have my dog which is also a rescue.  she's a little rat dog that looks half chihuahua/half toto, and she came 1st.  so i guess i lied and this would be our 4th rescue.  from what a friend told me tonight, this pit has a rare coloring and would probably get adopted out at a shelter.  i just want to find a shelter that won't put him down.  if we only had khloe then he'd be part of this family in a heartbeat.  also, i'm the only one working in the house w/ me pulling two jobs and my wife and i both going to school, and 2 kids.  it's just another cost along w/ the other busy things we have going on.
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