NT What are you doing this summer?

Joined Aug 28, 2006
I'm hoping to get a job. I have a phone interview with the YMCA on Saturday for a camp counselor position. I was a counselor last year and in the winter Ihad a job that involved children so I think I'll get hired. Has anyone ever worked for the YMCA? Any thing you could tell me would be appreciated?

What are your plans for the summer?

Work? Internships? School? Travel?
Joined Mar 26, 2007
i been desperately tryna find a job
no luck. i'm plenty qualified for the jobs i'm after too.

other than that, i wanna finish modding my car, but lack of funds...

pig love

Joined Aug 13, 2008
Nothing. Actually just a bachelor party in Vegas. Maybe getting a pair of shoes, thats it.

Oh yeah^^, trying to find a new job too.
Joined Jun 28, 2004
I will be buried in work this summer. I have my job and I am going to be preparing for the September LSATs. The good news is that I can do much of my work awayfrom the office so I have the freedom to be out of LA for most of the summer. I will be in my family's beach house on the Central Coast in June. In July mygrandparents go vacationing and I will be taking over their vacated homes in New Port and Laguna Beach in July and in August, I will be staying with my Mexicanrelatives down in the DF. It will be me and a couple of my friends who have just graduated, so they do not have jobs yet and they will be preparing for theLSAT with me as well.

It will be hectic but my friends and my cousins and I will be able to squeeze in some fun as well. Work has been busy and pretty consuming on my time andenergy and LSAT prepping is serious business. While this summer long working vacation is nice, I am looking forward to taking a real vacation in 2010 and goingto Japan or somewhere in Europe with my friends.

mac a roni

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[color= rgb(102, 0, 153)]Working 2 jobs 7 days/60 hours a week and gyming it.....Miami in july and prolly a few road trips,alotta drinking, might even bring some lq to the summer camp i work like i did last year
Joined Apr 2, 2002
lsat in a month...then moving to LA for a job(job sucks dont envy me). ill be working 50 hrs a week, but not having to study for a year until lawschool>>>>>>>>>>anything
Joined Oct 4, 2008
Summer school. smh...right after my spring quarter ends summer school starts 3 days later. So i won't be hitting summer until mid-August
Joined Jul 13, 2007
Taking 2 summer classes and looking for a job. Hopefully the job will help me earn enough to not have to take out any loans.
Joined Dec 31, 2006
Will definitely find a summer b-ball league to play in, word to the YMCA.

I'm interning for a big oil company--WHOOP!



might try and catch a cruise, but will just probably invest that money.
Joined Jan 6, 2007
heres the plan and i hope it all goes according to plan

1. find new job prior to start of summer and either get favorable work hours or work hard and earn favorable work hours to do stuff this summer

2. finish school in early june and get ready to transfer in the fall.

3. hopefully go to a laker championship parade. ive been waiting 7 years to attend another one.

4. hit up random partys clubs throughout june then go to rosarito for c fest in mid june as wel.

5. work and make money

6. go to san diego for 4th of july

7. continue making money

8. go to 49ers preseason game against raiders.

9. go to new york for a week in mid august.

10. figure out something big to do for labor day.
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Originally Posted by lakersmets49ers

3. hopefully go to a laker championship parade. ive been waiting 7 years to attend another one.
I might make that trip as well...Ive always wanted to go.
Joined Jun 28, 2004
3. hopefully go to a laker championship parade. ive been waiting 7 years to attend another one.

I remember the last one in 2002 and everything about the 2002 parade will be amplified in 2009 since so much has changed in the last 7 years.

- In 2002, Figueroa Street and the Staples Parking Lot reaked of pot. In 2009, with it basically being legal, it will smell better because most peopel will eatstuff bough tfrom clinics or be smoking strains that smell good and not like dead skunks.

- In 2002, Mark Madsen awkwardly spoke some Spanis hand the largely Mexican crowd went wild with cheer, the ground shoke. Now we have Pau and he will reallyget the crowd cheering when he promises a repeat in Spanish.

- In 2002, Slava Medvadenko provided bad English and comic relief "we win this because, for you LA." Now we have the machine who speaks betterEnglish bu twit ha funnier accent and we will all be able to chant "ma-chine, ma-chine, ma-chine" and hopefully he will make refrence to thosemachine vids and tell us all that "I'll be back."

- In 2002 we had the wooden governor Grey Davis and in 2009 we have Ah-nuld and hopefully he can make some machine refrences.

- In 2002, Kobe was the Laker's second best player. If he wins it this year and can carry the finals MVP trophy in his hands, it will be vindication on somany levels.

For many Laker fans, seven years ago, most of you would have been stuck in school and unable to attend the parade. If we win it all this year, go to the paradebecause video truly does the experience no justice. The sound of the crowd is able to shake the earth beneath us with its noise, the trophy glints sobrilliantly in the sun light it can be appreciated from the back of the crowd and best of all the euphoria is so thick in the air it can be cut wit ha knife.Perfect strangers are high fiving and dapping and yelling and everyone is having one of the best moments of their lives.
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