NT what is the furthest you have driven?

Joined Sep 13, 2004
In terms of hours? And what was it for? Longest ive driven was about 3 hours to Ocean City, MD. Felt like forever too
Joined Jun 18, 2005
me and a group of friends drove down to vegas from seattle... took about 3 days (stopping in sacramento, portland and other places)
Joined Mar 1, 2006
3 hours is nothinggg. I drove from Toronto to Cali about 3 years ago. Rotated drivers (3 of us) throughout the time.
Joined Jun 25, 2003
I once got a Greyhound from Cleveland to Chicago which took about 12 hours - we somehow went through every place on the way.

Had a good book so it wasn't too bad - 'Rookie' about Michael Jordan's year in the minor leagues.


Joined Apr 18, 2005
I drove from Buffalo, NY to Cornell University for a Ludacris concert. It was about 3 1/2 hours one way, and my stupid *** didn't want to stay the night soI drove right back after the concert was over
. I was dosing off on the ride back haaard

So I'd say 7 hours in one day.
Joined Sep 13, 2004
Originally Posted by Dunks206

me and a group of friends drove down to vegas from seattle... took about 3 days (stopping in sacramento, portland and other places)
sounds like a pretty nice road trip
Joined Jul 22, 2002
New York to Atlanta and vice versa several times... BY MYSELF....
Generally about 13 and a half to 16 hours.... depending on how i'm feeling
Joined May 7, 2007
On our trip from Maryland to Florida me and my dad split the drive about 7 hours a piece
Joined Apr 22, 2004
Got all you dudes beat... I drove from Los Angeles, to New Orleans, and then back to LA. Took about 30 hours of driving each way. One of the worst weeks of mylife !!!
Joined Nov 20, 2006
I used to drive from New York City to the mid coast of Maine to visit my mother. It usually takes a little more than 8 hours. Now I just fly.
Joined Jun 8, 2002
-San Diego to Colorado Springs
-Colorado Springs to San Diego
Forgot how long on each but I did them all on my own

-Colorado Springs to Manhatten KS to Fairmount IN to Canton OH to Washington DC to Virginia Beach
Road trip with a girlfriend. I did most of the driving. Stopped in each place for either a day to up to several days

-Alamosa CO to New Orleans
Four of us swapped driving. Took forever to get across Texas

I think the most driving I did on any of those occasions was about 8-10 hours straight.
Joined May 2, 2007
NJ to Montreal, It was like 6hrs i guess. But i have been in the car numerous times on the NJ to Florida drive, and that just sucks.
Joined Jul 5, 2003
NYC to Atlanta. Took around 13 hours. Sometimes longer because of traffic and cops in North and South Carolina.
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