#NT what kind of alarm clock are you rocking? Vol. I OVERSLEPT!!! OMGIMGONNABELATE

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Just got this new job, its amazing, unfortunately last week i SLEPT THROUGH both of the alarms on my phone. i woke up at the time i usually leave for work :smh: needless to say i got up Put clothes on and ran out. ended up being 12 minutes late, which is not a big deal usually, but im still on my probation period |I

Anyways im looking for a nice alarm clock. something that CAN be plugged into the wall, but if somehow it gets unplugged, it has a battery backup. i havent bought one in years so i dont even know where to look. would want one at least a little stylish so it doesnt look like im a 60 year old man.

i was thinking of getting that one that jumps off the dresser. :lol:

any suggestions?

(please dont say your phone. i think mine ended up on mu pillow thats why i didnt wake up)

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I just have a simple beeping alarm that gets louder over time. I usually leave my blinds/windows open too, so as soon as I open my eyes the light wakes me up as well.

I can't listen to music as an alarm. After a few days, I start hating the song.
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iphone- i wake up to michael jackson - beat it . It has a gong melody in the beginning of the song that works perfectly as an alarm.
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Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 go off at the same time from both ends of the bed

With my Jawbone up waking me up from alarm mode and my smartwatch waking me up from a calender appointment
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do you guys know what the extra battery feature is called? fail safe alarm? lol
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I know you said don't recommend your phone, but I have yet to sleep through one alarm with my phone's alarm. It's incredibly annoying and loud and I keep the phone on the other side of the room so I have to get up to turn it off.

Then again, I have slept through fire alarms and my house alarm one time, so who knows.

do you guys know what the extra battery feature is called? fail safe alarm? lol
It's probably just called a battery backup. I have an iHome clock from 5 years ago that had a small battery in it just in case the power went out.
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I have the beginning of lust for life by drake on a loop as my alarm. I hate loud alarms.
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Get one of them helicopter things that launch across the room and you have to pick it up.
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Here's 3 from Sharper Image that have pretty good reviews...
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I'm using a sony one right now...

I gave the baby sis my old mystery machine :smokin

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I just use my comp as my alarm clock.

It's so damn loud that it's impossible for me to not hear it.
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Yeah I set one on my phone, then one like 2 minutes later on one of those old school ones with pretty much only a snooze button. I had I I-home alarm clock for a few years that had a back up battery. I loved that thing. You could set like 3 separate alarms, It randomly stopped working one day and I never replaced it.
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When i work
Bone Thugs- 1st of the Month

When im off
Chris Brown- Dont Wake Me Up
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Bruh just get like a 10 dollar joint from wal-mart. I'm a heavy sleeper so that music and using your phone mess does not work for me. I've had this same 10 dollar one for 7 years now and it has never failed me. Impossible for me to sleep through it.
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I use both my macbook and my iphone to wake me up, I have my iphone set up with the regular marimba going off every 5 minutes, and my macbook plays French Montana - AInt Worried Bout Nuthin', sure fire way to wake me up, I hate French Montana so i have to turn it off ASAP.
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